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The School-Studio of Dramatic Arts on a base of the Youth theatre of Uzbekistan has opened in 1991. A purpose of its creation was preparing a young generation of theatre actors on own base in accordance with creative direction of the theatre, which is founded on national traditions and Russian and European Theatre Schools. In a base of artistic method of the School-Studio - there are K. Stanislavsky Acting System, principles of national theatrical school, as well as most significant acting education systems of modern and historical world theatre. Besides its purely professional purpose, the School sets an aim of aesthetic and cultural education of students, inculcation love and respect for Theatre Art. The term of curriculum is 2 years. It includes such disciplines as acting skill, stage speech, movement, vocal, dance and make-up, and observing lectures on Theatre History and Fine Arts. At the end of the year two, the final staged production concludes the curriculum.

Our alumni are successfully enrolled in many performing arts colleges and universities, and professionally employed not only in Uzbekistan, but also in theatres of the near and far abroad.


Nabi abdurakhmanov
Artistic Director of School-Studio


Anna Trenina
Director of School-Studio


Vassa Vasileva
Pedagogue of acting skill & stage speech


Khusan Salikhov
Pedagogue of acting skill & stage speech


Obid Abdurkhmanov
Pedagogue of acting skill & stage speech


Kamilla Abdurakhmanova
Pedagogue of acting skill & classic dancing


Vera Vladimirova
Pedagogue of history of Theatre Art


Malika Iskandarova
Pedagogue of classic dancing


Larisa Golikova
Pedagogue of stage speech


Dmitriy Rezepin
Pedagogue of stage moving